About God…

God is the Creator of the world and all that is in it.  There was never a time when God did not exist.  He has revealed Himself to us in many ways, Father, Almighty God, and Judge of all among others.

His attributes include love, mercy, grace, kindness, and goodness and divine wrath.

He desires that all come to know Him personally and intimately.

He knows all things, is all powerful, is everywhere, and no one can control or manipulate Him.

He has chosen to reveal Himself and His character through Jesus Christ.

About Jesus…

We believe that Jesus Christ is the true Son of God.

In Him is found all that God is.

He is the Savior of all who will believe in Him and desires to bring meaning and fullness to everyone who trust in Him.

He was born of the Virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit. (This was necessary in order for Him to become fully human, yet not be contaminated by sin as we are.)

He lived a sinless life.

He was crucified in order to pay the penalty for the sins of mankind.

He died and on the third day He rose from the dead.

His resurrection makes it possible for those who believe in Him to experience new life.

He is the only way to God.  It is through faith in Him we find the deepest longings of our heart met.

The Holy Spirit…

The Holy Spirit is God.

He indwells (lives in) each believer.

He is the One who transforms a person’s life once they come to truly believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord.

He motivates and empowers each believer to live life to the fullest.  A life that is exciting and pleasing to God.

Human beings…

We were created by God.

We are created in His image.  This is what makes us higher than all other living beings.  By being created in God’s image we have the capacity to know God, love God, and experience His love.

Because the first man chose to believe the lie of Satan instead of God, sin has entered the world.

Adam’s sin has been passed on from one generation to the next.

All humans are born with a sinful nature.  This sinful nature controls our decisions.  It desires to gratify self and is hostile towards God; therefore, it keeps us from knowing God.

But each person is also born with a capacity to know and experience who God is.  Until we come to know Jesus personally this longing within our inner being creates a void.

We often try to fill this emptiness with all kinds of activity.  Some examples are work, music, sports, friends, sex, pornography, alcohol and other drugs, but nothing can permanently fill God’s place except God.

The good news is that God, more than anything, desires to fill the void in each of our hearts.  And if we will let Him, He will do just that.

When that happens, our lives change forever. Meaning, purpose, acceptance, excitement, joy, and love invade our hearts.  We come to know God as He really is.  We delight in being in His presence and we know that He enjoys us as well.


Salvation is the action that brings us into an everlasting relationship with God.

Salvation is based solely on a work of God in the human heart.

We cannot bring about salvation on our own. No matter how good we think we are.  No matter how often we attend church, no matter what!  It is not a human activity, but a supernatural act of God.

Salvation is a great thing!

Through it we become children of God. The penalty for our sin (our offenses against God) is written off.  This can happen because Jesus paid the price on the Cross.

The power of sin’s control is broken.  We are for the first time ever free to make the right choices.

Our human spirit begins to commune with God’s Spirit.

The record of our sins is blotted out and God remembers those sins no more.

We are given the capacity to serve God and we are excited about this opportunity.

We experience the joy of being loved unconditionally and totally accepted.

Our hearts are filled with hope.

For the first time, we can really love others unconditionally.  We find our hearts filled with courage, boldness and enthusiasm about this new relationship we have entered into.

So how do we experience all of this…

Through prayer, coming before God.

As you come before Him tell Him your life is not what you wanted it to be, or have hoped that it would be.

There is a void in your heart and you now realize He is the only One who can fill that emptiness you are experiencing.

Admit to Him that you have sinned (highly offended Him) and that you are deeply sorry for that.

Ask Him to forgive you.

Tell Him you know this is possible because Jesus has paid the price for your sin and so by trusting in His provision you now come.

Thank Jesus for taking the punishment you deserved and tell Him that you receive Him as your personal Savior and invite Him to become Lord of your life.

Thank God for saving you and giving you a new life.

As your first act of obedience by faith receive the Holy Spirit into your heart.

Now find a church where you can begin to nurture and develop the new life you now have.

The Church…

The Church was established by Jesus.  The true Church is made up of those who have come to saving faith in Jesus.

The purpose of the Church is to bring glory (recognition) to God.  This is done through worship, telling others about Jesus and living out the new life we have been given.